Monday, August 11, 2008

A New Plan


In light of my 11 days left in Lijiang (gasp!), and my most recent interviews and meetings, I have slightly warped my research aims & goals while in the Gu Cheng.

Basically, I want to better align my research, so that it is different from what has already been done.

I will TRY (keyword!) to harness:
  • The STORIES of Naxi Elders (the Significance, History, Use, & Access of their Water)
  • The STATUS (the Good and the Bad) of Lijiang's Water Infrastructure (Governmental Department & Water Company implemented)
  • The ALARM of upcoming Water Depletion, Glacial Melting, and Water Contamination
Wish me luck! The days are ticking way. It's my own Olympic Countdown...

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