Saturday, August 9, 2008

HP #1

As I begin my more in-depth interviews, I think I should maybe stop revealing personal names and resort to more "professional" allocations--

such as Helpful Professor #1, Cute Grandma #2, Government Official #3.

Today-- I had an amazing meeting with Helpful Professor #1. I'll sort out the details of what I learned for you later (though I do know now that Edward Norton's father does consultation work here, and the famed actor himself has made many a trip to enjoy Lijiang's beauty.) Prime info first, huh?

HP#1's experience & wealth of knowledge made my head spin... making me realize how little I know, and how much more time I want to put towards this "investigation." I'm one small little thought in the sea of this indigenous knowledge & water rights concept-- and I'm trying to figure out how my own research (or what I'll make of it) will even mater.

More, much more, later.

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