Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tallies (or, Numbers of Note)

. The number of full days I've been in China!

17. The number of Dongba characters for "water" (Naxi pictograph language)

27. The number of White-dude-Chinese-woman couples I've seen in 4 days! My goodness! Each are in varying degrees of "love": sometimes the girl does everything for the guy, sometimes the guy does everything for the girl. Some are very intimate, some are coldly distant. Some are older with kids, some seem like they're only 16! And, in only one --ONE-- of these couples did the man speak Chinese to the woman. Do I seem interested in the subject? I am! As a product of such a relationship, these milk-partnerships (Half & Half) have always fascinated me. But why, why, are they never Chinese-dude-White-woman?

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